Best Golf Shoes 2022

Best Golf Shoes 2022. Walking on wet, muddy terrain is tough enough as it is; but when wearing slippery or soft-soled shoes it’s a whole new ball game. You might think – why didn’t I choose something more solid? Well, that’s where modern golf shoes come in.

They’re cutting-edge accessories designed to make you the most successful golfer possible and look great doing so. But besides looking good and being functional, these footwear goodies also have to provide ample support from all angles: from waterproofing your feet to making sure they’re cozy and warm throughout an entire round of eighteen holes. To ask anything less than that would be unreasonable… which is exactly what this year’s lineup has done!

To help you choose the perfect pair of golf shoes, we’ve tested many varieties on many different courses in all sorts of weather conditions. Below are our top 5 recommended pairs so that when your feet strike the green it feels like second nature.

 1. Adidas TOUR360 22

Adidas TOUR360 22

The absolute best golf shoes on the market offer comfort, secure fit, a durable outsole for stability and traction, breathability for your feet even after hours of walking or playing in them, and an attractive look. These are all qualities found in this product; one that lives up to its billing as having everything you need from a quality shoe. The world-famous golfer Dustin Johnson says: I really like its design and style, but the traction and feel are what sells me.

This is Adidas Golf’s iconic flagship shoe model. It has been their go-to for public golfers like us for 17 years; it’s the same size as what pro golfers use, so you know it’ll be comfortable! From day one, it’s always been about good traction and a nice fit.

Whether or not you’ve worn this version before, once you put them on you’ll notice how great they feel. Better traction? Check! A more comfortable hold? Double check! But also, these shoes come with an Adiwear sole that helps to generate power when we’re striking a ball – so now we have even more distance than ever before.

With inside-out BOOST® for cushioned comfort, this shoe also comes with a 5GEN EVA stability frame on the perimeter of the forefoot. This makes it light, comfortable, and stable. The lining is made from an extra layer of high-performance foam which provides superior cushioning; so much so that it feels like it was custom-made just for you.

With its outstanding grip thanks to its injection-molded cleats on a TPU base, this shoe has everything they needed in order to make sure there would be no stopping them when they wear these shoes!

  • Looks, fits and feels great
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Worn by top Tour pros
  • The cleat housing protrudes outward from the sole

2. Puma Golf ProAdapt AlphaCat

Puma Golf ProAdapt AlphaCat

Puma Golf has risen to meet the needs of different people with different styles over the years by continuously releasing quality products. From this new shoe, we can see that they are always providing something special to catch someone’s eye. These come in both men’s and women’s sizes from sleek matte colors to brighter ones, such as reds or blues.

The upper is made up of a rubber – esque material which gives it a perfect balance between flexibility and stability while also being durable enough for any harsh conditions outside. Its outsole offers great traction while its soft tongue and heel collar make it easy to wear them all day long without discomfort!

The technical aspects are very impressive, yet still easy to understand. The shoe incorporates the innovative Adapt foam from an eclectic mix of EVA cushioning and an impact-resistant polymer. This blend provides maximum protection for a firm, cushioned platform that supports your feet with every step – even when you’re off balance.

The multidimensional outsole, constructed with heavy-duty nylon material and studs instead of blades on this type of terrain (to reduce turf damage), ensures stability and traction no matter where you go – whether it’s the gym or just around town. No matter how conscious we are about these things, using these shoes means never having to worry about being thrown off balance again because they’re resistant to wear and tear while giving your feet something grippy without causing too much discomfort.

  • Spikeless, with plenty of traction
  • Super comfortable
  • Can be worn as an athletic-looking street shoe
  • If you insist on cleats

3. FootJoy Fuel

FootJoy Fuel

Footjoy has done it again! This time they’ve released the Footjoy Fuel, which is made for golfers who crave modern sneaker-inspired looks while out on the course. Packed full of all sorts of features designed to match what a golfer needs and wants, this shoe will make you want one just by looking at it – or so says FootJoy themselves (who would know best?).

But don’t take their word for it! Golf participation has been exploding over recent years – and if you’re looking for your new favorite pair of shoes for whatever reason (maybe you’re new to golf?), then you can’t go wrong with these puppies.

In her introduction for the newest pair of basketball shoes from Nike, LPGA Tour Pro Jessica Korda said that above all else, it is important to find a shoe that is both comfortable and well-made. These sneakers fit my feet perfectly, she said about her new Fuel which she competes in.I love how light they are on my feet and I love how easy it was for me to adjust them to suit my needs – it only took one day.

The shoe was constructed to last with its water-resistant material that lasts even through the toughest rounds. The lightweight Stratolite foam padding will provide you with much-needed comfort while making sure you can still keep up in golf tournaments. With a durable yet flexible outsole, these shoes will never let you down no matter what situation you find yourself in – all thanks to the Stability Bridge which provides ultimate support and control every time.

  • Durable, waterproof, lightweight
  • Athletic styling
  • Worn by top Tour pros
  • Cleatless style may not appeal to all serious golfers

4. TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop

TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop

These shoes look cool, they’re incredibly comfortable, and they come from a lesser-known yet surprisingly well-loved shoe company. Locals love these shoes because they match the casual Southern California vibe. And there are no cleats at the bottom so people wear them to golf courses and other places where they need to walk around all day long!

In an age where consumers have become increasingly aware of how their purchases impact the environment – Patagonia set out to create apparel and equipment that not only feel good when you wear them, but also produce no measurable environmental impacts at all.

Through its philanthropic arm The Common Thread, Patagonia offers clothing repair services for free and donates over $20 million dollars a year in grants to support new sustainable projects. In this way, they aim to leave the lightest footprint on the earth.

Speaking of being waterproof, these shoes offer a couple of features that prove just how comfortable they can be. The lining and exterior are antimicrobial, as well as breathable, which makes them perfect no matter what season it is.

They also come with an easy-to-fit width range which gives you the opportunity to wear them comfortably if you’re normally in between sizes or even wear them at all! This shoe also comes equipped with great traction on the soles – ensuring you have good stability when needed most while still looking stylish!

  • Breezy looks and super comfortable
  • One of the lightest shoes in golf
  • Can be worn as a street shoe
  • It’s not a major brand


If you are looking for the best golf shoes for men, you will find them here. We review the top 5 options that you can find in 2022. All of the shoes listed here are top-quality shoes that have been designed by some of the best designers in the world. They have been made to look great and they will help you to play better golf while they provide your feet with the comfort that they deserve.

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