Best way To Pack Shoes When Moving – [Updated 2022 – 2023]

The best way To Pack Shoes When Moving

Moving is quite a challenge when it comes to shoes. You need them with you at your new place, but they’re too large and heavy to carry themselves. It’s important though because unlike other items in your wardrobe shoes tend to come in different sizes and types.

The good news is that packing shoes aren’t any more difficult than packing anything else! Using these hacks will make sure all of this goes smoothly – even if moving is already feeling chaotic enough without adding one more thing to worry about!

Don’t wear the ones you don’t like

You may have a surplus of shoes in your closet that you don’t wear very often. Putting them in boxes is a hassle, why bother? Take this opportunity to clear some space for what’s actually needed and donate those old, unused pairs.

A Sole 4 Souls representative can direct you to places to donate well-worn shoes, or drop them off at any nearby Goodwill or charity organization looking for donations. If they’re unusable, make sure to recycle the material responsibly rather than putting it in the trash bin.

Best way To Pack Shoes When Moving: Place a pair of socks inside each shoe

To help keep shoes in good condition while moving, use one rolled-up pair of socks and put it at the toes. For other parts like the heels, adding a second pair may be necessary. Doing so helps prevent your favorite footwear from being crushed – and this hack doesn’t just stop there.

By using an old sock to fill the space inside your shoe, you’ll also save yourself the trouble of having to hunt for missing pairs later on! But if you’re reading this too late because you’ve already packed away all those lost leftovers, don’t worry- there are still plenty of ways out of a jam.

Box up the nicer pairs individually

You may not be that concerned about how much those old sneakers get scuffed up, but you’d never want to see that happen to your expensive heeled boots or polished shoes! To protect your favorites from being damaged during the move, it’s best to pack them separately and wrap each shoe in plenty of bubble wrap before placing it inside a box.

This might mean using some additional boxes if you did not save the ones they came in – don’t worry! There are many retailers now offering pre-packaged shoe boxes for inexpensive prices or even on Amazon for free shipping.

Tie sneakers together by the laces

If you’re anything like me, then those days when you can’t find matching shoes are some of the most frustrating. To avoid this situation altogether, tie your sneakers’ shoelaces to one another before putting them away. In the future, when you are trying to find a matching pair, this will help you save time and frustration.

Invest in a box for storing some essential pairs

Shoes will sometimes be the last thing we unpack because as long as we have a few key pairs, we’re unlikely to immediately find a use for them. However, you should keep easy access to two or three essential pairs – which will come in handy during the unpacking process – within reach.

You’ll probably wear sneakers while moving house, so set aside a pair of comfortable slip-on when you need to quickly run outside after carrying boxes up from your car. For daywear, include a shoe that goes well with at least one outfit from work; and finally include an option just in case you want to go out for dinner or another kind of event.

Pack out-of-season shoes separately

Speaking of packing last minute, there is no point in unpacking out-of-season shoes; after all, there are always other things that are far more important to attend to. Pack away your winter boots and comfy slippers if you’re moving during the summer.

On the other hand, if you’re moving during the winter months pack away anything from sandals and flip-flops – mark it carefully and don’t worry about finishing this task immediately or even worrying about doing it at all.


Only use clean packing paper

When used for wrapping household items, a newspaper may prove to be an adequate replacement for packing paper. However, newspapers are not always sturdy enough to hold heavy shoes inside without tearing and causing stains that are hard or impossible to remove later on. It is important to use new packing paper when wrapping up a pair of shoes so you don’t risk ruining them.

Use tea bags to keep shoes fresh

When packing shoes for a long trip, take the time to let them air out overnight. If there are any smells coming from inside, freezing them could be helpful because it will kill any bacteria hiding within. To keep your shoes smelling fresh during the journey itself, place unused tea bags inside each shoe.

Pack heavy shoes on the bottom

It is important when transporting your shoes whether they are in boxes, plastic containers, or maybe even laundry baskets to always put the heavier and bulkier shoe at the bottom.

This will ensure an evenly distributed weight which makes carrying all of them much safer and easier. You also want to take care not to place really light shoes on top of heavier ones because this could cause damage to more delicate footwear.

Plastic bags should be replaced with bubble wrap

Beware of flimsy plastic bags used to seal up your shoes. For heavy-duty coverage, you’ll want to grab something stronger and tougher—namely, thick plastic wrap. Use it around any sharp-edged heels or buckles so they don’t poke through your luggage, and wrap dirty shoes separately from clean ones to avoid spreading dirt all over everything else.

Just make sure your shoes are dry before wrapping them because wetness can lead to moldy odors inside of your luggage. Properly packing anything is never a mistake; need some tips for other items too? Check out our Packing & Planning section for more advice on getting things prepared at home!


The best way To Pack Shoes When Moving? Before you start packing your shoes, make sure to clean the shoes thoroughly to remove the dirt. This will make sure that the boxes do not get dirty and your shoes will not get damaged in the process. Once your shoes are clean, place them in a bag and then place them in a box. Tie the shoe box with a rope or put a rubber band around it. This will protect the shoe box from getting damaged.

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