how to bar lace shoes step by step guide

The Three-Step Guide to Bar Lacing Your Shoes Like a Pro

The bar lacing technique (also known as cross-lacing) has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s as simple as tying your shoes, but it offers both an attractive finish and better support than conventional lacing techniques thanks to the tension that bar lacing creates across the top of the foot.

If you’re interested in using bar lacing on your own shoes, but you don’t have much experience with this type of lacing method, check out our step-by-step guide to get started quickly and efficiently!

Get your supplies

how to bar lace shoes step by step guide

For the purposes of this tutorial, you’ll need three things: shoe, shoelace, and bar lace. You can find all three at your local running store. Make sure to grab the right size for your shoes. Step 2: Start by loosening up the loops on one side of the shoe with both hands. Make sure not to loosen it any more than necessary – too loose, and you won’t be able to tighten it later on!

Now feed one end of each loop through one bar, in turn, moving from side to side (i.e., bottom loop first). Pull firmly but don’t pull tight yet. The key is to get as many loops as possible threaded before tightening everything down. Once the laces are all threaded, pull them taut.

Use one hand to hold the knot in place and use the other hand to tighten from top to bottom, pulling on each individual loop until there’s no slack left between them. From here, tie off using either a simple or elaborate knot. When finished, flip the laces over so that they’re coming out of the holes on the opposite side, and give ’em an extra tug so they’re nice and snug. Congratulations! You just mastered bar lacing like a pro

Getting started

how to bar lace shoes step by step guide

Grab your shoes, bobby pins, and shoelaces. Start by loosening the laces of one shoe. Thread the lace through the top left hole and pull it tight. Thread it through the bottom left hole, then up through the top right hole, and pull it tight. Repeat this process for the opposite shoe, but threading from right to left instead of left to right this time.

Be sure to tie off each end in a square knot at the top center of your ankle. Finally, cross the ends at the back and tie them together with another square knot at the back. Voila! You now have bar-laced shoes that will stay on during even your most strenuous workouts! What’s more, because the knots are tied closely to your ankles they won’t chafe or bruise you while you’re moving around.

There you have it – three simple steps to perfect bar-laced shoes! Remember to start by loosening the laces of both shoes before getting started. Step 1: Unlace one shoe and thread the lace through all six holes in order (top left first, then down through all four holes on the right). Step 2: Repeat with the other shoe but start at the opposite side (bottom left first).

Cross both sets of threads and tie off at the top center. Keep laces loose when tying so there is room to tighten if necessary. Square knots should be taut enough so they don’t come undone easily, but not too tight to cut into your skin. Double-check that the laces are tied securely before wearing them out in public!

Finishing touches

After you finish lacing your shoes, all that’s left is to tie the ends together. This will prevent them from coming undone. Take the two pieces of lace and thread them through each other, making one loop. Then tie it in a knot. If you’re wearing dress shoes or sneakers without laces, then this step is not necessary.

You can now stand up straight, look down at your feet, and admire how cool you look! Just don’t forget to tuck in any excess shoelaces so they don’t stick out over the top of your shoe. These tips should help you avoid tripping over your untied laces or getting them stuck on things like stairs or door handles.

Once you master the three-step process, there are tons of different ways you can wear bar-laced shoes: with jeans and a shirt for casual wear, with a suit for formal wear, and with shorts for warm weather events.

It’s worth noting that if you want to take off your shoes, it can be tricky because the laces are tied tightly together. To get them off, follow these steps: 1) place both hands around either side of the knot 2) pull with moderate force 3) repeat until tightness is gone

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