how to break in shoes step by step guide

The secret to breaking in shoes without pain

There’s nothing like the feeling of wearing a brand new pair of shoes! Unfortunately, this feeling doesn’t last long, since many shoes can be rather uncomfortable until you break them in. This used to mean having to wear your brand new shoes while they were still stiff and narrow, but with these simple tips, you can break in your shoes easily and comfortably!

Wear them out

Then, gradually wear them longer until you reach an hour. A good rule of thumb is to wear them for at least 20 hours before deciding whether or not they are too uncomfortable.

You may also want to go up a half size if you usually wear a smaller shoe size and down a half size if you usually wear a larger shoe size. If you need extra room at the toe box, put a little cotton sock over your toes (or use baby socks) and then put on your socks/stockings.

how to break in shoes step by step guide

If your heel slips out of your shoe when walking, tighten the laces or try inserting a heel pad between the back of the heel and the sole of the shoe. Always purchase shoes that fit snugly because they will stretch to accommodate your foot.

Use hot water

1. Allow the leather or material on your new shoe’s upper to air out for a couple of days before wearing it. This will remove any chemicals from the manufacturing process that could potentially cause irritation.

2. When you are ready, put on your new shoes and wear them around the house for at least an hour before venturing outside in them. This will allow your feet and ankles time to adjust and prevent any blisters or discomfort.

3. After you’ve worn the shoes around the house, use hot water to moisten a washcloth and then rub down the uppers of your shoe with it.

how to break in shoes step by step guide

4. Next, grab some mink oil or neatsfoot oil (available in most feed stores) and use a cotton ball to apply it all over your shoes’ uppers so they’re well moisturized inside and out.

Massage them

-Lace them up and then take your heel off the ground. Place it on the floor in front of you, and lean down so your toes touch the ground, too.
-Move your foot back and forth across the floor with a rolling motion until you feel a tingling sensation. -Do this for five minutes each day until they are broken in.

-If at any point you feel an intense ache or sharp pain, stop immediately. This means that there’s a part of your shoe that needs more time to break down before it can be worn comfortably. Do not do anything else to break in your shoes; this may result in injury.

Wiggle your toes every day

If you’ve ever had a new pair of shoes that gave you blisters or left your feet feeling like they were being squeezed all day, it’s because they were too tight. When you put on a new pair of shoes, the leather is stiff and doesn’t form the shape of your foot.

The best way to break them in is by wearing them every day for at least two weeks before deciding if they’re too tight, but there are also ways to speed up the process. A really good trick is wiggling your toes inside the shoe, as this will stretch out any small spaces and make them more comfortable.

Another thing you can do is get some baggies from a grocery store, cut holes in one end big enough for your toes to go through, then place them inside the shoe with the baggie over the top so that when you walk around it stretches out the space and gets rid of any rubbing against skin.

Leave some space in between toes

To break in your new shoe, start by wearing them around the house for a couple of hours. This will help stretch out the shoe’s material and break down any stiffness that might have come from sitting on a production line.

Once you’ve done this, walk around your house for an hour or so at a time until you’re feeling more comfortable with them. At this point, it’s worth taking them outside for a walk to give the soles some extra wear and tear.

Then, leave them on overnight to stretch out even more! Make sure they are well-laced when you do this, as leaving them loosely laced could lead to painful rubbing between toes.

Finally, walk around in them all day tomorrow (or if possible) – make sure they feel good before you put your other pair of shoes away. With a little TLC and patience, they’ll soon be broken in just like the rest of your favorite kicks.

Go barefoot once a week

One way of breaking in a new pair of leather shoes is to go barefoot once a week. This will soften the footbed and allow the leather upper to mold better around your feet.
Although this may not be the most practical advice for people who are on their feet all day, it is a foolproof method for those who wear dress shoes on occasion.

If you spend a lot of time sitting or have access to office workstations, try wearing your new shoes with no socks for about 10 minutes at a time throughout the day. Wearing them with no socks will also soften up the shoe and help it conform more closely to your feet.

In addition, it can also give your feet an opportunity to breathe while they are confined within the tight confines of a shoe. Try alternating between these methods every few days until you notice that the shoe has broken in and fits comfortably on your foot.

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