How To Clean Leather Shoes – Step By Step Guide

How To Clean Leather Shoes? Leather shoes are absolutely essential to your wardrobe, whether they’re leather boots or fancy leather pumps. They provide quality and durability unlike anything else – but if you want them to last, then it’s important to know how to take care of them!

It can seem difficult at first, but once you learn what products work best (and what don’t), caring for these shoe essentials is simple. Simply remembering not to wear or clean your leather shoes on rainy days will help prevent damage or growth rate problems – think about where they’re kept before heading outside!

For leather shoes

Chamois or polishing cloth: Old white cotton T-shirts will work just as well. Horsehair brush: Bigger is better because the larger brushes are easier to generate more friction with.

As you polish your shoes, go over them again when they dry out using a clean and dry horsehair brush – it’ll buff up the dirt and make them nice and shiny again. Polishing does take time so be patient! Leather shoe conditioner: You can’t go wrong if you choose Saphir Renovateur for its clean smell and high shine finish.

Use a small travel-size spray bottle filled with cold water to mist on some moisture during the first step of applying leather conditioner (this will help even out drying times).

Shoe Cream Polish: Shoes need to be shined from time to time, but shoe cream acts as a kind of temporary dye for your shoes. Usually, the product is the same color as whatever you’re wearing on top – unless you want to change up your look, then go for it!

Just remember that if your desired outcome isn’t what you hoped for after only one use, things might not end well down the line.It would be best not to overdo it, unless you are a pro at it!

how to clean leather shoes

That being said, when all else fails and cleaning doesn’t seem possible anymore, there’s always an old-fashioned way out. Newspaper or wooden shoe trees (if available) will both work wonders at keeping your footwear in shape between wears until they regain their former glory.

For suede shoes

Cleaning suede requires a series of steps to make sure you’re doing it right. First, bring out the rough bristles brush which will make it easier for you to remove dirt and other particles stuck in the material.
Then go over with an eraser–suede erasers are most effective but using any old one will do–to get rid of any markings or stains that may appear on the fabric at this point.
Wipe down the surface again with a wet cloth and then use either a shoe brush or toothbrush – whichever seems softer–before moving on to less intense methods like newspaper stuffing, gentle scrubbing with water and soap, waterproofing sprays, etcetera.

To clean your shoes thoroughly, plan for 45 minutes, and 20 minutes for a quick clean.

If you haven’t cleaned your leather shoes in a while, this is the first step – removing the shoelaces and giving them a good scrub with saddle soap. But most of the time you won’t need to do either – just take out shoe trees or wrap newspaper around them so they keep their shape.

Brush vigorously with a horsehair brush to clean dust, dirt, and other debris from inside; don’t forget about the welt where it meets the sole! Once done, wipe off your shoes with a slightly damp cloth or spray water lightly onto them and wipe it away again with a dry towel

Let the shoes sit untouched for five minutes before applying a thin layer of shoe conditioner by dabbing it onto the surface of the leather and working it into tiny circles with both hands. If you’re using a rag or your fingers, make sure to spread out evenly across all parts of the shoe. Remember to put some on the tongue too, as that part also needs care. Let dry for another few minutes before wearing them again!

For best results when shining shoes, give each shoe a quick wipe-down with your horsehair brush. Use moderate pressure and make sure the bristles are slightly heated up by rubbing them against the shoe beforehand.

How To Clean Leather Shoes

Then apply a small amount of shoe cream polish—enough so that there is an even coat over the whole shoe without overwhelming its surface. Finally, rub it in circular motions using your fingers until you’ve built up some heat to really bring out a lovely shine.

Apply 5-10 minutes after the first layer has dried. Brush gently with a horsebrush to remove any excess polish and create a reflective shine. If desired, apply an additional layer of shoe cream for added protection before applying another coat of wax or finish.

Wipe down with a soft cloth before buffing dry with the brush one last time; this removes excess product while restoring your shoes’ natural beauty. Your leather shoes will now be clean, moisturized, and newly colored—like new! Wait at least 24 hours before wearing them again after placing shoe trees inside. You can extend the life of your favorite pair of leather boots by following this simple care routine!

A few good ways to deal with dirt and stains on suede include the use of a suede brush and eraser, or, if the stain is more serious, soaking the area in warm soapy water before brushing off any loose debris.

For light brushing and grooming of your fabrics use a harsh bristled outdoor broom made specifically for tough textures; they typically come with textured brushes at one end that work well for this. An inexpensive mop from home depot also does wonders. Be sure you don’t overwet the fabric!

Shake out excess water after cleaning then go back over each surface with a pair of brushes made especially for working surfaces; typically these come as two parts – one side has bristles that get down deep into surfaces while another side has ones designed specifically to groom coarse textures like wool or hair.

how to clean leather shoes

Lastly, you need to apply something waterproofing when finished- I recommend Scotchgard professional protector because it lasts quite a while against rain & spills.


Waterproof shoes can be sprayed?

You can keep your shoes protected from the outside world by applying a waterproofing product. Not only will it make them water-resistant, but it’ll add stain resistance too so you don’t need to worry about getting wet or having stains appear at all!

Does the bottom of your shoes contain germs?

It’s a good idea to leave your shoes at the door when entering your home or staying at someone else’s.1 Studies have shown that bacteria and other germs are carried on the bottom of shoes.

What is the recommended frequency of shoe cleaning?

If you are wearing shoes on a regular basis then it is suggested that they be cleaned every couple of weeks. If the condition of your shoe does not warrant cleaning, then do so when needed.


Modern leather shoes are made to be easy to clean, but getting them clean may require some different methods than the ones you are used to using. We hope you have learned a thing or two about how to clean leather shoes in 2022 from our post! Please feel free to leave any other questions or comments in the following section.


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