how to get gum off shoes step by step guide

The Chewiest Way to Remove Gum From Your Shoes

You’re at work and you take off your shoes to give your feet a rest and relax, but you soon notice that there’s something stuck in your shoe… gum! How did this happen? As much as you love chewing gum, it always seems to end up sticking to the bottom of your shoe and ruining the beautiful leather on them. It’s happened one too many times, so today we’re going to show you how to get gum out of shoes in the fastest, easiest way possible!

Wear the Shoes

I had gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe for a week before I decided to try this. I didn’t think anything would work, but it was worth a shot. 2. Put a small dish (like a cereal bowl) under the shoe 3. Add warm water 4. Add dish soap 6. Scrape it with an old toothbrush 7. Wipe away any excess, you’re done! 8-10 minutes later, all of the gum was gone!

how to get gum off shoes step by step guide

It was so simple and much less gross than scrubbing ineffectively at the bottom of your shoe for days. If you’re having trouble removing chewing gum from your clothes or other objects, make sure that you have patience and don’t give up too quickly because usually there’s a way to get it out!

Keep them dry

Keeping your shoes dry is the best way to keep gum off of them. It’s important that you get rid of the gum as soon as possible – while it’s still fresh and before it hardens. Use a non-stick surface like a cutting board or wax paper, and place a piece over your shoe so that the gum is stuck to the surface, not your shoe.

Use something with a pointy edge like a spoon or knife – any kitchen utensil will work – and carefully scrape away at the gum until all of it has been removed from your shoe. If there are some pieces left behind, use something like peanut butter on those spots so they’ll be easier for you to get out.

You can also use ice cubes if the gum is old and hardened. Put the ice cube inside of a ziplock bag, then lay it flat onto the surface of the gum. Once again, use something sharp to scrape away at what remains on your shoe.

Don’t forget about other surfaces in contact with your shoes: if you want to avoid this problem in the future, make sure not to walk near surfaces where someone may have dropped their chewing gum!

Test an area first

Start by using a wet rag to soak up as much of the gum as possible. Next, take a piece of bread and use it as a buffer between your fingers and the gum.  Finally, use an ice cube or spoon to scrape away any excess that’s left over after pulling on the gum with your bare hands.

Keep in mind that this is the most time-consuming option for removing gum from shoes, but also the most effective if you don’t want to deal with sticky residue afterward. For those looking for a faster, less fussy method for removing gum from their shoes, here are some ideas:

If you’ve been wearing them outside (or have access to hot water) then try soaking the soles of your shoes in warm water before scraping off the gum. You can do this either outside or inside; just be sure not to let any water get into your house!

If you don’t have access to hot water, then try putting some warm salt onto the affected area first before scraping with another object like a butter knife. Lastly, consider cutting out pieces of duct tape that match the size of each individual wad before taping them directly onto each area where there’s leftover gum – make sure they’re nice and snug!

Use Baby Oil, Nail Polish Remover, WD-40, or Rubbing Alcohol.

If you have a shoe that is really gummed up, use one of the following techniques to remove it: 4. Baby Oil 5. Hot Water and Baking Soda 6. Hot Water with Lemon Juice 7. Olive Oil Another natural way to get rid of gum is by using olive oil or petroleum jelly as they are both capable of breaking down the chemicals in chewing gum.

how to get gum off shoes step by step guide

You can put your shoes on overnight and then simply wipe them off in the morning or, if they’re too big for this method, submerge them in the water while they’re still on your feet then take them off when they’re wet.

Ice can be used to soften the gum

After the gum is frozen, remove it from the paper towel and use a butter knife or scraper to scrape off as much of the gum as you can. If there are still bits of gum left, use a plastic spoon or credit card (try not to get too frustrated!) to help you get out anything that might be stuck on your shoe.

Next time you need to remove gum from your shoes, think back to this post and remember these easy steps!

Place it in hot water and plunge it in

Take the shoe out of the bowl with tongs, using something like a spoon to scrape off the gum if necessary. 4. Rinse off any excess residue with cold water and allow it to air dry. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 with your other shoe!

Make sure you do this before trying to remove the first batch of gum from both shoes so that you don’t double up on sticky stuff. Once both shoes are clean and dry, put them back on for a fresh start! Now that the soles are clean and free of sticky substances, you’re ready to tackle one last task: removing odors.

Put a sheet of paper towel under each shoe overnight then follow up with a wet/dry vacuum to make sure every last crumb is gone (bonus points if you want some fun vacuuming tunes).

Wait it out

The gum will eventually dry up and fall off your shoe without any help from you.

However, if this doesn’t work, then use a little oil: Rub vegetable oil on the gum with a paper towel or cloth and let it sit for a few minutes before scraping it off with another paper towel or cloth. Another option is using dish soap. Scrape off as much of the dried gum as possible, then wet the remaining gum with a sponge and dish soap.

Wait about five minutes and scrub vigorously until the majority of the gum has been removed. Finish by washing away all traces of dish soap in warm water, taking care not to rinse soap onto your shoes too often because that may weaken their surface over time.

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