How to get rid of creases in shoes in 2023

3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Creases in Your Shoes

Over time, almost every shoe will develop creases and folds in the material that make them look older and less appealing than they did when you first bought them. Instead of tossing out your favorite shoes because you’re sick of seeing those annoying creases every time you wear them, there are three simple ways to get rid of those wrinkles so your shoes look as good as new! Keeping your shoes looking great for a long time is easy when you follow these tips!

1) Use a shoe de-creaser

Shoe de-creasers are specially made tools for getting rid of creases in shoes. They work by providing a surface that flexes with the shoe, which helps release the crease. Some models also have a built-in brush for massaging away any dirt and debris that has built up in your shoe.

The best way to use a shoe de-creaser is simply by holding it against your shoe’s crease for 10 seconds or so before trying to flex it out. This will give the de-creaser time to warm up and become more pliable, which makes it easier for you to work with.

Before moving on to the next part of your foot, you should repeat this process at least five times per side.   If all else fails, try these two simple tricks: 1) take your shoe off and place it inside-out on the carpet; then 2) massage the underside of the top of your shoe where the fold is with both hands until you feel it start to relax. Finally, flip them back over and put them back on!

2) Remove the crease by hand

If you have a crease that won’t come out by hand, try using a hairdryer on the lowest setting and pressing the crease with the dryer’s airflow. This should allow the material to relax and flatten.

If this doesn’t work, use a spray bottle with water and gently press down on the fabric until it’s flat. For more stubborn creases, use scissors to carefully trim away some of the fabric near the crease, then proceed with one of the previous methods.

If your shoes are leather or suede, apply cream polish and rub the area with circular motions until it becomes supple again. Finally, if your shoes are wet because they’ve been left outside or were soaked by rain or snow, place them in front of an electric heater for 10 minutes to dry them out.

3) Use an iron

Iron is the best tool for removing creases from shoes. Boil the water in the pot until it covers the shoes.   Take your iron, unplugged, and set it on a damp cloth on top of an ironing board.

In boiling water, immerse one shoe at a time (or until you notice that the shoe has loosened up).   Take the shoe out of the pot and place it flat onto the wet cloth so that you don’t burn yourself or break your iron.

At least three times, run your dryer on the lowest setting.   Let cool before putting back on your feet! Place them in a bag with ice cubes: There are several ways to use this tip but all involve placing the hot shoes into a plastic bag containing some ice cubes.

Close the bag tightly and let them sit there for around 20 minutes. After this amount of time, remove them from the bag carefully so as not to cause any melting, and place them on paper towels or newspaper to cool down faster.

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