How To Lace Shoes – Complete Method

How To Lace Shoes? Criss-cross, straight-lace, heel-lock, lattice…what an odd assortment of ways to lace shoes! Your shoelaces determine both the tightness and style of your shoe; no wonder there are so many styles out there. From the basketball court to the boardroom – we’ll show you how to lather up like a pro with these tricks for tying your shoe laces!

Yes, the small parts of a string that hold up your shoes aren’t always the most exciting part of your outfit. Having said that, they were fundamental to your success – literally.

One thing’s for sure: If you know the right tricks when it comes to tying shoelaces, they could be just what you need to spice up an otherwise normal-looking pair of kicks. After all, these are little details no one else sees so take advantage! Whether you’re wearing smart work shoes or laced-up Vans, there is specific teaching.

Here are 5 different ways you can lace shoes

According to statistics that most people cannot comprehend, New Scientist — a reputable shoelace publication– says there are an astonishing number of 400 million possible combinations when lacing an average shoe. Fortunately, we’re not going to be exploring all of these today, but you may find some useful tips for tying your shoes below.


With about 400 million possible ways to tie a shoelace, according to mathematics that can’t really be explained, not even the smartest people on earth know how it works. Fortunately, we’re not going to look at all of them today– let’s start off with some easy ones.

Start off by inserting both ends of the laces under the first two eyelets – one end will go under the bottom right hole while another will go under the bottom left hole. Put one lace through a free spot on the other side (third from either side).

Take another end and bring it up again over the top of another open spot, skipping out two spaces straight across from where you started (this would be your second space). Keep doing this until you finish tying your shoe; just make sure that when you repeat those steps, you do so over on the other side (skip two spots on your way back around).


Get close to your shoes. You might be surprised at how they stay on thanks to those little loops!This type of lacing, starting from the lowest eyelet and moving up from there, is one of the most common ways to fasten shoes.

Each end should go across from looped around underneath them; take one side and tuck it under the tongue first so it comes out again going down through the second hole from last time – in between teeth for good measure.

When done on both sides, tie them together so that when you pull there’s no tension building up in either direction or worse yet coming undone. Keep going this way – but always make sure each lace goes back down through the pinky-side first – alternating sides after every few holes, then tie them all together once finished!


If you prefer your shoelaces organized and neat, this may be the technique for you. The laces move in a horizontal line across the top of the shoe. All the excess material lines up underneath the lace guards on either side, so they can easily be tied tight with a knot just like any other shoelace.

Thread both shoelace ends through one hole at the bottom of each shoe (leaving an equal amount of slack to tie). Looping one lace over another with an upward point facing toward the sky, thread it through another hole diagonally (to form an X), and then under itself.

Now take the lace from the left shoe and insert it through eyelet number three on the right shoe. Then take the lace from the right shoe and insert it through eyelet number two on the left shoe. These will now create two sets of straight lines, mirroring one another.

Next, do exactly as before, but this time use laces from both shoes: One going up through opposite number one on its own side; then a second line going down through opposite number five on its own side. Now both shoes should have four separate bars, or diamond shapes – one for each pair of opposing loops created when they were inserted in this manner

How To Lace Shoes


Great for those looking to spice up dress shoes or add some personality, the over-under lacing process is just as straightforward. To start, make a basic cross lace; however, instead of going upwards and around the next row of eyelets before heading back down, go underneath them. From there keep repeating an over/over pattern until you reach the end.

Insert both ends of one shoe’s laces into the bottom holes; then take the left lace and stick it through all three open right-hand eyelets (if starting from left to right). Repeat with the remaining shoe – take the right lace and insert it up through all three open lefthand eyes on its row (again starting from left to right). Finally, tie off your new work with an over/over knot at the very top!


If you’re bored of just going commando or just want something new while putting on your boots, try the military-inspired lacing technique! This method not only looks cool but is great for when you need to tie up your boots in a hurry. First, make sure one end of the lace is tied tightly around the bottom left hole.

Then from there, pull both ends all the way up until they loop over and come back around to where they started – cross them over again and now go through the opposite hole. Repeat this process across each hole until you get to the top – once you’ve reached it, secure it with another tight knot so that it stays securely fastened to your shoe.


In this video, we will show you how to lace your shoes in 2022. First, you need to put the shoe on your foot. Then, you need to tie a bow at the end of the shoe. The bow needs to be tight. After that, you can tie another bow. This bow needs to be very tight. You can tie two bows if you need to.

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