How to Shine Your Shoes – Complete Guide

How to Shine Your Shoes – Complete Guide?. Once a largely mundane act, shoe-shining has gained traction in recent times thanks to its clever resurgence among stylish men. Kevin Tuohy, founding partner of The Shoeshine Guild –a professional shoe-care business based out of San Francisco – believes this trend to be due to increased awareness on the part of fashionable males who want that extra polish for their footwear.

Having been in the trade for some two decades now, Tuohy can attest to seeing many changes in the industry—and even traces them from his own profession with perfect clarity.

It was only natural that he would take up this skill when stationed in the army; afterward, he refined it through training in San Francisco before opening up his current line of work under its old name A Shine & Co., which deals primarily with detailed and high-quality care for footwear and boots alike. Think spa treatments for your feet!

With the expert eye of an experienced shoemaker, Tuohy could immediately identify what type of leather was used in your shoes and come up with a plan to repair it. He would then diagnose if there was anything else wrong with them. All before you’re able to take off your shoes at his clinic.

Shoe Shine and Boot Shine

Step:1 Clean your shoes

How to Shine Your Shoes - Complete Guide

You don’t want to apply polish to a dirty shoe or else you’ll destroy the leather and end up with unevenly polished shoes. Use Saphir Universal Leather Balm and a toothbrush – starting at the toe cap, wipe down each individual shoe until no more dirt can be seen.

Next, make sure the welt of your shoe is scrubbed down – this is where the sole meets the upper. Otherwise, after you’re done cleaning and polishing your shoes, you’ll find a large ring of dirt around them like when water sits in an unwiped bathtub – as Tuohy states. Once your shoe has been sufficiently cleaned, he adds to use a regular brush to remove any leftover balm.

Step 2: Grab some gloves

One of the most important things to do when shining shoes is wearing rubber or latex gloves. Some polish, cream, and cleaner substances may stain your skin if they come into contact with it unprotected.Handling these types of materials should always be done with extra caution to prevent accidents!

Step 3: Know your hide

For leathers like shell cordovan, one only needs to apply wax before buffing – but if you are working with a different type of leather such as calfskin, one needs to first treat it with conditioner. To do this, use the Saphir cream in various colors depending on the original appearance of the leather. Apply some to an old cotton cloth or T-shirt and gently rub it over the surface of the garment using circular motions.

Step 4: Add the protective polish

How to Shine Your Shoes - Complete Guide

For hardier leathers, Tuohy would apply wax polish. For softer calfskin boots, he uses a sapphire blue Saphir Pommadier cream polish (with the color matching the leather pigment). The more porous the leather, the more of this cream it takes on. And according to his idea of sticking with old notions, a little goes a long way. A small amount of this thicker cream – only enough for one boot – should be rubbed in circular movements onto the entire boot.

Step 5: Brush and buff

When applying the polish, start by brushing off any excess dirt or old polish from your shoe with a dry brush before you apply. Then, Tuohy suggests adding an additional coat of the thicker cream, then going over it again for an even shinier look. The more coats applied, the longer-lasting the shine will be, explains Tuohy. It’s just like using metal folding to create a Japanese sword.

Step 6: Heat it up and shine away

How to Shine Your Shoes - Complete Guide

When you’re done adding the layers of polish desired (usually two coats are enough but extra points never hurt), grab a cotton cloth in each hand and pull them back and forth over the leather. Make sure to go faster than slower when buffing because this helps create heat that then bonds the polishes to give it an even shinier surface.

Final Thought

If you’d like to know how to shine your shoes, then this blog post is for you. There are tons of ways to make your shoes look great, but we’re going to be focusing on the easiest one – Shoe Cream. Shoe Cream is a wax-based substance that you apply to your shoes in order to make them look shiny and new. In this blog post, we’ll explain why you should use shoe cream, how to apply it, and how to get the most out of it.

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