How to Stretch Leather Shoes – Step by Step Guide

How to Stretch Leather Shoes. There comes a time in every one of our lives where we find that perfect pair of leather shoes, only to then learn there’s been a terrible mistake – these aren’t meant for me. They’re too tight or just don’t feel right. It happens to all of us!

Thankfully there are ways to solve this issue without having to deal with the hassle and expense of buying new shoes every few months. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing five simple steps on how you can stretch those pesky leather shoes using nothing but your own two hands and some patience!

Don’t know which shoe style to choose? It’s all good! Here are three helpful tips on narrowing down which type will provide the best experience possible.

Did you know it’s possible to stretch leather shoes? It may sound too good to be true, but there are techniques that make this process easier than ever before. Here are some simple steps for how to stretch your favorite pair of leather sneakers or boots without ruining them!

Why do leather shoes need to be stretched?

Shoe stretching is a method for improving the fit of stiff new leather shoes, according to Appiah-Brempong, Essandoh, Asiedu, Dadzie, and Momade. There are different ways of producing leather goods nowadays -some ways reduce waste. Unfortunately for consumers trying on shoe sizes in stores–leather can become tight once worn beyond the fitting room—unless stretched out prior to wearing!

Oil conditioners or stretching sprays can help

With the right sprays and conditioners, leather boots can be stretched. A good place to start looking would be sites like Amazon, where you can find products such as the FootMatters Professional Boot & Shoe Stretch Spray or simply go see what they have at a local shoe store. Oil-based conditioners will make the leather softer and easier to stretch if you apply a small amount to the outside and let it soak in.

A sticky spray can also be helpful when trying to stretch a leather shoe. To keep leather from getting ruined, it is important to read the instructions first before applying anything. You can even make your own concoction by mixing water and rubbing alcohol and spraying it inside of the boot before trying to pull them apart. Water to rubbing alcohol should be mixed 1:1 for the most effective results.

Boot stretchers can be used

Another way to make your favorite pair of boots feel new again is to stretch them. Boot stretchers from stores like StoreSmith are affordable and work wonders in stretching out the leather, especially on the toes. If you’re looking for a way to stretch the ankle or calf area on these boots, there are contraptions made just for this purpose such as Coralpearl’s Shaft Shapeable Stretcher (pictured below). Before using these methods, be sure not to overstretch; otherwise, you could end up damaging the shoes.

Warm the Leather

Another method that requires caution but has proven to work for many people is to simply heat up the leather of your shoes using a hair dryer. This will make it easier for you to stretch out the material without damaging the shoe itself. Another way to do this would be to place stuffed balls in your shoes and wear them while heating them up with a hair dryer.

You can also wear thick socks and use the hair dryer on high settings to gently massage your feet until they are comfortably warm before removing them from the device. Do note that if you plan on doing this long enough, there may be some residual warmth left in certain areas of the shoe so please use caution when reheating these areas too much since it may cause minor damage to parts of the material if done so improperly.

Freeze Them

Alternatively, you could always opt for a colder option; place your leather boots in the freezer. Place sealed bags of water – large enough to fill up two or three-quarters of the boot – inside each shoe and wrap them tightly with plastic wrap before placing them in the fridge or freezer. Once they freeze, they will expand enough to stretch out the material.

Final Thoughts

Making sure that your leather shoes fit right is important to their longevity, but after a while, they may stretch and lose their form. It is possible to stretch leather shoes and make them look new again if you follow some tips. If you would like to continue reading on how to stretch leather shoes.

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