How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes in 2023

How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes in 2023. Hey Dudes, an Italian shoe company founded in 2008, expanded internationally by opening its first US store in 2010. 1 million pairs of shoes had been sold worldwide by the end of 2011. Hey, Dudes stocks both sandals and sneakers (as well as slip-on) for all types of consumers.

What sets their shoes apart from the competition is that they are both affordable and durable. They’re designed to withstand time, so there’s no need for constant maintenance once you buy them. However, you should clean them once in a while to make sure they stay good as new.

You can clean your boys’ sneakers in the washing machine if you put them inside a laundry bag before putting them inside the washer. First, brush off any dirt and grime with soft bristles before placing your child’s shoe in the washer.

Hey Dudes, can you dry your shoes?

It is not recommended to place your Hey Dudes’ shoes in the dryer for prolonged periods of time, due to the fact that the fabric will become damaged. Avoid exposing the shoes to UV rays by drying them outside instead. If this does happen, then there is a chance that the color of the shoe could fade over time; thus making them less appealing than before.

Steps to Clean Hey Dudes Shoes

If you want to keep your Hey Dudes shoes looking their best, it’s important that they stay clean. In order to make this happen, I will now discuss the steps involved in maintaining clean Hey Dudes footwear – which may just be easier than you think. So without further ado…

Step1: Taking out the insoles of your Hey dude shoes may seem difficult at first, but it is easy to do. To pop the shoe, place both hands on either side and pull up until you hear a popping noise. If this doesn’t work, use two hands and use pressure so that you can loosen the insole enough for it to slide right off.

You cannot machine-wash these once they have been removed. Next comes removing the laces, which could be difficult if you don’t know how – luckily for you, we have an instructional video! Gently brush away all dirt from your shoes using softly bristled brushes or cotton cloths.

Step 2: In order to do a thorough job of cleaning shoes, first put them inside of a pillowcase or clean mesh bag and then fill up the washing machine halfway with cold water. Once you’ve done this, add any type of detergent – but the liquid is preferred because it won’t leave residue behind on the soles as powder would.

Step 3:  Start your machine and choose light cycles. Hot water can cause shrinkage, so cold water will be used instead for shrinking your Hey Dudes shoes.

Step 4: When you are done with your laundry, take off your shoes and place them anywhere to dry. You want to avoid drying or keeping them in direct sunlight for too long, as this will cause the colors to fade away quicker.

Are Hey Dudes Shoes Washable?

Hey, Dudes shoes can be washed. The washing of some pairs may cause permanent damage, while the washing of others is not advisable. In that case, it’s best to hand-wash them with soap first and scrub off all dirt or stains before moving on to a final rinse in clean water.

Hey, dude Shoes Can Be Bleached?

You will still get stains on your Hey Dude shoes even if you bleach them. Bleach will severely alter the color of your shoes–whether they’re bright red women’s slip-on or navy blue men’s sneakers. When cleaning them, avoid bleach if you want them to last longer!

Is it possible to wash the insoles of Hey Dudes’ shoes?

Insoles of Hey Dude shoes can be washed. However, it is not recommended to wash them in a washing machine with other clothes or with your shoes due to how delicate they are. Instead, place the insoles separately and soak them in detergent water for an extended period of time before rinsing away the liquid.

How to Clean Hey Dude’s Insoles? 

Insoles are the most crucial component of a shoe because they provide both comfort and strength. Without regularly cleaning your insoles, there is no way for shoes to be cleaned entirely. Here’s how you can clean them out thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Hey, Dudes are proud to provide the highest quality dress shoes for all genders – including you! Don’t worry if something goes wrong! Keep your shoes looking great for a lifetime by following these simple steps. We’re confident that after reading this article, you’ll be fully aware of what needs to be done in order to take care of Hey Dude’s clothes properly.





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