how to wash running shoes in 2023

5 Tips for Washing Your Running Shoes the Right Way

Washing your running shoes sounds easy, but if you do it incorrectly, you can end up ruining them, making them smell bad, or worse, making them unsafe for use. If you’ve ever wondered how to wash running shoes the right way, then read on for five tips on washing your running shoes without destroying them.

How to Wash Running Shoes

You take pride in your gear. You train hard to do what you love. That’s why we put together these tips on how to wash running shoes and keep them looking like new! Make sure to follow our tips below when it comes time for washing your favorite pair of kicks. And remember, if you have any questions about shoe care, give us a call at 888-873-9463.

We’re always happy to help. 1. Never wash or dry shoes with towels or other fabrics that can scratch leather or rub off fabric materials. Instead, use a clean cloth to wipe off excess dirt from shoes before putting them in the washing machine (and don’t forget to remove shoelaces).

2. Always use cold water when cleaning shoes – hot water can damage leather and other materials used on footwear. 3. Use mild detergent only – never use bleach or harsh chemicals as they can damage materials used on footwear (not to mention your skin!). 4. Turn sneakers inside out before placing them into a washing machine – this will protect their appearance from getting damaged during washing/drying cycles 5.

What Happens When You Don’t

There are plenty of things that don’t come with instructions, but washing your running shoes isn’t one of them. Not only does wearing shoes day in and day out create odor, but it can also cause a buildup of bacteria and fungus that will lead to bad smells and health concerns down the road.

When you exercise, your feet sweat and produce natural oils that build up on your shoe. If you wear those same shoes day after day without letting them air out or cleaning them regularly, you could end up with some pretty nasty foot problems.

To keep those feet happy and healthy, follow these five tips for washing your running shoes: 1) Always store shoes in a dry place; 2) Wash both sides of each shoe separately; 3) Don’t use hot water; 4) Avoid fabric softener; 5) Let air dry completely before storing away.

3 Easy Steps

Proper washing and care are essential to making your running shoes last as long as possible. We recommend you follow these three steps when it’s time to wash your running shoes: First, allow them to completely air-dry after each run—make sure you give them 24 hours of dry time before even thinking about washing them.

Second, use a cloth or brush to remove any visible dirt from your shoe’s surface. Third, clean with a mild soap and water solution (warm water works best). After cleaning your shoes with soap, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Once finished rinsing off all soap residue, hang them up or layout in an area where they can air-dry overnight.

The next day they should be ready for action! Make sure you have at least one extra pair of running shoes so that you always have a fresh pair on hand. Remember, keeping your feet happy and healthy will help keep you happy and healthy too!

1) Let your shoes air dry

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When you wash your running shoes, it’s tempting to throw them in with a load of dirty laundry, but don’t. This can cause holes to form in your shoes and make them wear out prematurely. Instead, hang up your running shoes by their shoelaces and let them dry thoroughly before wearing them.

Most modern running shoes are made of synthetic materials that won’t mold if they stay wet; so there’s no need to rush through air-drying time. If you have an older pair of leather running shoes, however, be sure to give them ample time to air-dry.

Leather takes much longer than synthetic material to dry completely—sometimes as long as 24 hours! Don’t put your leather shoes near a heat source like a radiator or heater while drying either; doing so will only speed up their drying process and increase the chances of warping or cracking.

2) Throw them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle

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Think your running shoes are invincible? Think again. When it comes to washing them, you don’t have to be super careful with them, but you should still do so on a delicate cycle and in cold water. While doing so will reduce their lifespan a bit (about 3–6 months), it’s worth it if they’re working properly while they last.

A common misconception is that washing them in hot water will make their treads stickier and help keep dirt from sticking to your soles—but in reality, hot water will dry out your shoes, making them wear down faster.

If you want to air-dry your shoes instead of putting them through a drying cycle, just make sure they’re completely dry before wearing them outside again; otherwise, they might get damaged by cracking or crumbling. To maintain odor control: Sometimes sneakers can develop odors that no amount of Febreeze can fix.

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