What color shoes with grey suit in 2023

5 Colors of Shoes to Wear With a Grey Suit

The grey suit has gone through various trends throughout the years, but it’s still a staple in every man’s wardrobe. No matter what style you prefer, there’s no wrong time to wear it — unless, of course, you wear it in the wrong colors.

Our handy guide on what color shoes to wear with your grey suit will help you look dapper and stylish instead of haphazard and out of place, and we hope you find it useful whether you want to choose between black or brown shoes or if you need some help matching navy blue to tan or gray.

1) White

There is no outfit that can’t be enhanced by a white shoe. White shoes are clean and classic, making them perfect for professional settings and weddings alike. The all-white shoe is also a popular choice for those who want their shoe color to match the rest of their outfit.

It’s best to wear white shoes if you want something more understated. But there’s no reason not to wear other colors with your grey suit as well! From black and navy blue to burgundy, pink, or even yellow: there are many colors you can choose from that look great when paired with an otherwise neutral suit.

2) Black

1. Black shoes are always a safe bet for pairing with your grey suit. They go well with most colors, and they’re classic enough that you can’t really go wrong.

2. If you want something brighter, then consider burgundy or brown, which are both earth tones that will complement the dark grey suit color in the same way black would.

What color shoes with grey suit in 2023

3. Tan might be an option too for those who want something lighter than black but darker than brown or burgundy–it’s definitely not as bright as white, so it should work well with the dark suit color and will create a more subtle contrast against the lighter pieces in your look.

3) Brown

Brown shoes are the most versatile color and can be worn with almost any suit or outfit. You may have heard that brown shoes with a grey suit are not acceptable, but this is incorrect. Brown shoes will give your look an even, polished feel, and will make you appear taller as well.

You can wear brown boots with jeans or khakis for casual outfits and leave the brown oxford dress shoe for more formal occasions like weddings or funerals. It’s best to avoid wearing brown wingtips with suits unless they are traditional or vintage style.

Some good choices include monk straps, bluchers, and penny loafers in a lighter shade of brown (think caramel) which work great with a wide range of clothing colors

4) Blue

The most classic color for a suit is gray and there are plenty of variations to choose from. There’s charcoal, dove, steel, and so on.   Almost any shoe will look good with a suit in any of these colors.

What color shoes with grey suit in 2023

The only exception would be if you’re wearing a black suit and want to wear brown shoes. In that case, the brown should match the shade of the suit. Otherwise, go in blue or tan shoes.

5) Gray

Picking out shoes for your suit can be tricky. Your outfit should be matched, but you also want it to stand out from the crowd. How should you match your gray suit with your shoes? If it is a single-breasted suit or a double-breasted suit, the answer may differ.

If it’s single-breasted, the best options are black, brown, or a dark shade of blues like navy or royal blue. If it’s double-breasted, you can wear any color shoe as long as they’re not too bright and they match the color of your tie (which will be either black or navy).

And while we’re at it, we might as well mention belts: They should always be one to two shades lighter than the suit in order to create balance.

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