what color shoes with khaki pants in 2023

What Color Shoes Should You Wear With Khaki Pants?

When it comes to clothing, men don’t often get the same attention that women do. One of the biggest fashion blunders that men can make, however, is wearing the wrong color shoes with khaki pants. Luckily, we’re here to help you learn how to match your shoes with your khakis!

To do this, though, you have to first understand the basics of color matching and what types of colors can pair well together (and which ones should never touch!). So let’s start there!

Traditional brown shoes

what color shoes with khaki pants in 2023

Brown shoes are the traditional choice for khaki pants, but this is a personal preference. If you want to wear brown shoes with your khaki pants, try different shades of brown to find the color that best matches your outfit and skin tone. These days, there are many alternatives to traditional brown shoes like tan, beige, or camel if you want something more interesting than just brown.

One option is wearing oxblood shoes, which have a reddish-brown hue. The oxblood color complements both dark and light colors so it’s a great shoe to have in your closet. For example, you can pair these shoes with navy blue dress slacks at work, or black jeans on a date night.

Other options include navy blue leather loafers and chocolate brown suede lace-ups. They’re lighter shades of brown, but they’ll still go well with your khakis. Or you could go for burgundy leather brogues if you prefer a richer shade. If you prefer to not wear brown shoes, there are still plenty of other options out there too! Black:

A sleek pair of black shoes go well with any attire from suits and blazers to shorts and t-shirts. Nude: Neutral-colored nude heels also look good against khaki pants because they contrast nicely without competing too much against the pants’ natural tones (plus they’re comfortable).

Black shoe choice

what color shoes with khaki pants in 2023

Wearing black shoes with khaki pants is a safe, conservative look that will help you stand out in a good way. Black shoes will match the darker color of the pants and will help your pants not appear to be too baggy or slouchy. Keep in mind that wearing black shoes with khaki pants is not appropriate for all occasions, so it’s best to reserve this style for professional environments.

For other events, choose a shoe that coordinates with the colors in your outfit such as brown, tan, blue or green. If you wear more than one color on your clothing then make sure the footwear matches at least one of those colors. If you’re going to wear patterned pants then opt for a patterned shoe like cheetah print or leopard print.

Or if you want something a little brighter and bolder, try red or navy blue. And lastly, if you have the confidence to pull it off, rock an animal print shoe! The bright and funky prints of animal skin will look great paired with muted khaki pants. However, remember that the key to pulling off this trend is confidence; don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable rocking these shoes because they are definitely a statement piece.

The general rule when choosing what color shoe goes well with khakis is to go with what works best for your personal style while also considering your personality and who you’re trying to impress. So pick out your favorite pair of shoes (or 10) and experiment until you find what looks great on you!

White shoe choice

what color shoes with khaki pants in 2023

White sneakers are a great summer option for wearing with khaki pants. They work well because they add a bit of contrast and make the outfit feel fresher, but don’t clash too much. It’s also important to note that white shoes are often more casual than black shoes, so if you want your outfit to feel dressier, opt for black instead.

In addition, white shoes can be quite versatile when worn in different combinations. For instance, pairing them with navy shorts and a navy polo shirt or mixing them up with denim shorts and a chambray shirt will offer two different looks without having to go through the trouble of swapping out shoes altogether.

Lastly, you could wear them with a dark green blazer and jeans for another option. So what color shoes should you wear with khaki pants? A wide variety of options! If you’re looking for something bright, yellow kicks would work really nicely.

However, any other colors could look good as well. If you’re trying to tone down your ensemble and prefer less contrast, you might choose brown or navy blue shoes with khakis. Finally, we recommend black dress shoes as an elegant alternative.

Other shoe choices

While it’s sometimes a good idea to break up the monotony of khaki pants with a different color shoe, you have to be careful not to come off as overdoing it. If you’re going for a more conservative look, try navy or brown shoes with khaki pants. If you want something that’s a little bold, try red.

Just make sure to keep your khakis light-colored so they don’t clash with the shoes. Darker colors such as black and navy will make your pants stand out more, but this isn’t always a bad thing. The only time when this might not work is if your goal is to blend in and dress conservatively. To avoid clashing colors, stick with neutral-colored khakis or stick with lighter-colored bottoms if you choose darker shoes.

Some people think that wearing yellow shoes is a no-no when wearing khaki pants because they think it clashes too much. But while there are some colors that should be avoided, it really depends on how bright you’re going for.

For example, if you wear a dull yellow shoe then it won’t have much contrast at all against your khaki pants and can help to create an overall subdued effect. However, if you go for something brighter like mustard or kelly green then things can get more interesting. Just make sure to keep in mind what type of impression you want to give off!

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