what shoes to wear with joggers

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Joggers with Shoes

If you’re like most people, you probably already have plenty of joggers in your closet. But did you know that wearing them with the wrong shoes can make your outfit look sloppy and unprofessional? It’s true!

If you want to look as put-together as possible, it helps to have some understanding of what shoes to wear with joggers and what not to wear with joggers, so you can be sure to create the best possible combination at all times. Read on to learn more about how to wear joggers with shoes.

What are joggers

what shoes to wear with joggers

Joggers are a fairly new style that combines the comfort of sweatpants with the sleekness of leggings. The goal is to look like you’re wearing clothes, but feel like you’re in pajamas. Perfect for lounging around the house or running errands on weekends. You can wear them with just about any shoe – sneakers, flats, boots, heels – it all depends on how dressed up you want to be. Here are some tips for what shoes to wear with joggers:

Here’s what NOT to do: Put on shoes that make your outfit too formal; we’re going for more casual and laid-back here! Stay away from high heels – there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to walk long distances in them after a day at work. If you want something dressier, try ballet flats or sandals. They’ll add some interest while still keeping things casual.
Here’s what TO do: Wear fun shoes! There are so many fun shoes out there – they come in every color and pattern imaginable.

How do you wear them?

Joggers are a great alternative to wearing jeans on casual occasions. They’re comfortable, they’re cut differently than jeans, and they don’t wrinkle. But if you’re going to wear joggers, make sure you know how to pair them with the right shoes. Here’s what you should do Wear sneakers with your joggers. The color doesn’t matter, as long as they go well together.

These will keep your feet cool, and will go well with any look that you have planned for that day! If you plan on wearing boots or other shoes that have a more tailored look to them then just be mindful about making sure it doesn’t look like you borrowed someone else’s pants. If this is the case try pairing your pants with loafers or sandals so it balances out your outfit better!

When are they most appropriate
1. Do wear them with sneakers, socks, and other joggers
2. Do wear them with lightweight loafers
3. Do wear them with a dress shirt or blouse over the top
4. Don’t wear them without socks
5. Don’t wear them as pants 6. Don’t wear them with sandals
7. Don’t wear them with heels

Do’s and Dont’s Of how to wear them with other items

-Wear joggers with a pair of tall boots or sneakers.
-Wear joggers with a dress to keep it looking feminine.
-Wear joggers with a skirt to avoid looking like you’re wearing pajamas.
-Don’t wear jogger pants without socks, as this may be uncomfortable.
-Don’t wear jogger pants without underwear, as this will show through your clothing.
-Don’t wear jogger pants with high heels for the same reason mentioned above about high heels.

What’s more important, comfort or style?

Do wear snug-fitting shoes, but not too tight. The fit should be tight enough to stay on your feet without socks, but loose enough that you can slide your foot in and out easily. If your jogger pants are so long that they cover the shoes, make sure there is a little bit of a heel to lengthen your leg line. A good starting point is two to three inches.

Pointy toes may feel comfortable at first, but will likely become uncomfortable as time goes on. Lace-up boots and slip-on sneakers are perfect because they have great support while still being easy to get on or off. Dressier options like oxfords or loafers work well if you want more formal attire. Avoid wearing flip-flops or open-toe sandals with any type of jogger pants or legging; doing this just looks like you forgot your shoes!

Do’s and don’ts for your feet

Do wear sneakers. This is the most common shoe to wear with joggers, but they don’t have to be. Flip-flops, sandals, dress shoes, or anything that matches your outfit will work.

Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals in wet weather. Wet feet are never a good idea for anyone, but it’s especially risky if you’re wearing shoes that don’t provide much traction on a wet surface like this.

Do tuck in your shirt. One way to make joggers more formal is by tucking your shirt in so there’s no skin showing. Pair this look with some nice boots or loafers and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

Don’t wear a hat unless it matches the rest of your outfit. Some people might disagree with me on this one, but I just can’t stand the look of someone wearing a hat while also sporting jogger pants; it looks sloppy and unkempt in my opinion. Hats should be saved for when you’re dressing up and going out. The same goes for jewelry: earrings are fine, but necklaces should be left at home.

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