what shoes to wear with sweater dress in 2023

Top 3 Ways to Style a Sweater Dress with Shoes

The iconic sweater dress has been in fashion for decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! While it looks great on its own or paired with boots or tall socks, you can really spice up this classic piece with the right shoes.

The key to styling your sweater dress with shoes, though, is choosing the correct balance of comfort and glamour. You want to be comfortable enough so that you don’t mind wearing your outfit all day, but you also want to make sure your outfit will turn heads when you walk into the room.

#1 – Slip on Flats

what shoes to wear with sweater dress

Slip-on flats are an easy, versatile choice for any outfit. They look great with both dressy and casual looks. Slip-on flats can be dressed up by pairing them with tights or worn casually with jeans and a sweatshirt. The key is to find the right color and style that suits your personal taste.

Bright colors are fun for spring and summer, while darker hues work well in fall and winter. An added bonus? Flats take less time to put on than heels! Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are classic shoes that will always be in style. Whether you want it more on the dressy side or something you can wear all day, ankle boots have you covered.

Simply swap out the boot socks for tights for a warmer look! Heels: It’s true what they say: Heels make everything better. It’s really hard to go wrong with heels because they can take any outfit from daytime to evening wear just by changing the length of your hemline and how much leg you show (or not).

#2 – Ankle Boots

what shoes to wear with sweater dress in 2023

Ankle boots are a great way to style your sweater dress when it gets colder outside. They are warm and cozy so you won’t need any other accessories. Plus, they add some height for balance so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the length of the dress. Make sure that the heel isn’t too high or too low because then it can throw off your proportions. You want to be able to walk comfortably in them!

Flat Sandals: For warmer weather, flat sandals are perfect for showing off those pedicures and keeping your feet happy. If you want an alternative to the heels that make walking difficult, this is a great option! Booties look adorable on sweaters and dresses in cold weather.

As long as they’re not super high, they will keep you nice and warm but still leave room for socks if necessary. Even if your outfit calls for flats instead of heels, adding booties is always a good idea to keep out pesky fall leaves and small rocks.

A word of caution though: booties with chunkier soles like these have more traction than ones made from more flexible materials like leather or suede. I would recommend staying away from slippery surfaces such as tile floors until after dinner time when everyone else has left their shoes at the door!

#3 – Heels or Platforms

what shoes to wear with sweater dress in 2023

Platforms add height and elongate the legs, making them perfect for pairing with a short dress. Heels will work too, as they elongate the leg line and make your legs look slimmer. You can also wear flats or boots with a sweater dress if you’re looking for something more casual. I’ve put together some of my favorite pairs of shoes that would look great paired with a sweater dress:

1. Black suede booties
2. Heeled black leather pumps
3. White wedge sneakers
4. Black suede wedge booties ($110) have a feminine flair but still have plenty of edges.

They are made from genuine sheepskin leather and have a stacked heel that is set back slightly on the footbed. Perfect for when you want to show off those pedicures! The brown heel ($198) has just enough personality without being distracting or uncomfortable like most platform heels. It’s only two inches high, so it’s not overwhelming at all!

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