Where Are Hoka Shoes Made

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made. Hoka One One has been embraced by ultramarathoners for its comfortable design and slim profile, but it wasn’t long before all sorts of different runners discovered that Hoka is perfect for them too. In today’s article, we’ll tell you what makes these shoes special – and show you where they’re made

You might be surprised to find out that most of these incredible running shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam. A small number are also built at facilities in the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, and the Philippines. But while you might think this is an odd decision on behalf of Hoka – there’s a reason behind it.

Who Owns Hoka Shoes?

In the beginning, Hoka Shoes were a French company based in Annecy; but Deckers Outdoor Corporation bought them out for an undisclosed amount of money back in 2013. It doesn’t matter where they are made now- because Deckers Outdoor Corporation is also from America!

They’re American-owned even though they don’t manufacture anything domestically. This Californian organization founded by UC alumni Karl F Lopker and Doug Otto has owned many different brands over the years including Koolaburra, UGG, Sanuk, Teva, and Hoka One One. They have their headquarters based in Goleta.

Do Hoka Shoes come from the United States?

Hoka’s shoes are currently manufactured in China, but the company was founded and headquartered in Richmond, California. In April 2013, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, a Californian company (who were also owners of Teva), bought Hoka Shoes for an undisclosed amount.


Hoka Shoes is actually rather small when compared to other shoe manufacturers; however, many consumers still believe that because it’s ‘owned by an American company,’ they manufacture their goods here too. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth – all footwear production takes place overseas. Although, to be fair, this happens with most shoe companies.

They both manufacture in either China or Vietnam and the cost of production there has increased over time due to labor costs. We will cover their manufacturing processes soon. Unfortunately, we can’t list any products that they have made in the USA since they don’t have a manufacturing presence here.

Although many other shoe brands are producing overseas these days (and making it near impossible to find an option), if you want an American-made pair of running shoes then we would recommend checking out our recent article covering great running shoes made right here at home for all your needs!

The Chinese footprint of Hoka Shoe Manufacturing

Hoka One One began manufacturing some of its products in 2009 but found itself moving away from China when costs rose. Today they manufacture some in Vietnam and some in China, depending on what the shoe needs are.

It’s important to note that while Chinese factories tend to produce higher quality items, Vietnamese factories tend to make things slightly smaller (for example Hoka Clifton 3s might come out 0.5 cm larger if manufactured in Vietnam). Orange and black versions were manufactured near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, while white and red versions were made in China.

They use ecological technologies for shoe production, which makes them sustainable and eco-friendly. As opposed to other nations that may rely on dirty sources of electricity (e.g., coal), Vietnam utilizes hydroelectricity – a clean source of energy – for 33% of its power needs. This makes their factories sustainable and keeps them from polluting the environment; all without sacrificing productivity.

What is So Special About Hoka Shoes?

It was their excellent shock-absorption properties that initially made Hoka shoes so popular with ultramarathon runners. They are quite large in comparison to other brands; taking up about four times the amount of space as normal shoe soles. Your knees are very susceptible when running and absorbing all that impact, which can lead to joint problems later on.

5 Best Hoka Running Shoes in 2023

That’s why many people opt for orthopedic support because it decreases strain on these joints and protects them from wearing down too quickly. While running isn’t perfect, there are some benefits as well – namely, how it reduces the risk of developing arthritis later in life.

An overview of Hoka One One’s history

Before we begin, let’s discuss an interesting name. It derives from the Maori language of New Zealand which loosely translates as fly over the earth. Appropriate for this brand of running shoe, don’t you think? The company started back in 2009 in Annecy, France when Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud set out to allow people to run downhill even faster. Not surprisingly, they’ve had famous sponsors such as Karl Meltzer and Dave Mackey who are both well-known professional trail runners.

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