Where Are Nike Shoes Made

Where Are Nike Shoes Made?

If you’re an avid shoe collector, chances are high that you’ve heard of Nike. Founded in Oregon over 50 years ago, they’re arguably the world’s most recognizable sports footwear manufacturer and one of the leading producers of licensed apparel and gear worldwide.

And while there may be debate about where exactly their clothes are made – with some fans saying Vietnam or China – it’s clear to see why they do what they do: so they can stay ahead of the competition and offer up affordable prices for consumers across the globe.

Where do Nike shoes now come from? This is the first question you’ll ask yourself when embarking on your sneakerhead journey. But the answer might not be what you expect, because of all the steps involved in manufacturing these popular sports shoes.

Nike has a complete map of its production process available for anyone who wants to know. And today, we’re going to explore everything from where Nikes are actually being produced – along with some top tips for buying them – before going through what people think about them and finally making an informed decision on whether or not they deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Introduction to the Nike brand

When Phil Knight opened up his very own athletic apparel company called Nike in 1964, he only had one objective – to make it easier for athletes such as himself to excel and take on every challenge thrown at them. From the start, he never wanted anything but the best for all of his products.

With this being said, his team members always made sure to use high-quality materials that would satisfy these requirements while maintaining optimum performance levels. Nike is currently (and rapidly) taking over the athletic gear industry, making it one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of this type of sportswear in the world.

This American global corporation comprises Nike, Converse, Hurley, and Jordan brands. Their headquarters are still located in Beaverton, Oregon—in America. As time has gone on, Nike has offered hundreds of different styles and types today—more than they did back when they first started out years ago.

Is Nike Made In the USA?

I’ve been checking out Nike goods all over the place – including online – to see if they’re manufactured here in America. And I’m sorry to say that every single time I looked for something produced domestically by Nike Inc., I couldn’t find anything.

This really surprised me because this big brand has so many American manufacturing plants nationwide. Recently in 2019 Nike inc. opened up another US manufacturing plant in Goodyear AZ with a $184 million investment! This means you’ll be able to find some parts of their shoes created here on American soil (even though you won’t be able to buy an entire pair).

Almost all Nike shoes are manufactured outside the United States. In fact, these kicks are being created in 14 different countries (with 96% of them originating from Nike’s factories in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam). China and Vietnam account for 36% of Nike’s total production worldwide—followed by Indonesia at 22%, and Thailand at 6%.

Is Nike Made In China?

This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody: Nike makes much of its product line in China. Likewise, many American fashion brands take advantage of cheap labor and low-cost material prices – including guys like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, or Ralph Lauren.

After all, wages and material costs in China are substantially lower than what Americans face here at home – which means big profits for every pair of pricey shoes made overseas. It’s true that some even came with something fancy; whether it was new technology or an exclusive designer collaboration – but know these goodies were usually made in either Asia OR right over here at home.

And when considering Trump’s recent trade war (which has now escalated into a tariff WAR), it won’t be long before other international markets steal away high-profile fashion clients looking to move more production out of China altogether.

Is Nike Made In Vietnam

Vietnam has emerged as one of Nike’s favorite destinations for manufacturing its goods; it is cheaper than China and offers greater political stability. So if something ever happens to Nike’s Chinese operations, the brand will still be able to make sure all goes smoothly without much difficulty.

Factories in Vietnam have been able to provide just what international fashion brands need—from apparel and footwear to accessory design and production. In stores where I’ve shopped lately, I’ve noticed more Vietnamese-made shoes (more than those made anywhere else).

What makes Nike shoes so good?


Nike is internationally recognized for the commitment it has made to sustainable manufacturing and reducing its environmental impact – whether through smart shoe design or sweatshop-free policies. Over the past few years, Nike has committed resources to research methods of increasing eco-friendliness;

which included recycling polyester and other natural materials from landfills, using bamboo material in fabric production, and sourcing key components domestically or responsibly overseas while reducing harmful waste during transportation.

This can be seen throughout each phase of product development at Nike – starting with design to manufacture and even disposal. Through efficient production processes as well as collaborations across borders, it is evident that Niké will continue upholding its reputation worldwide on quality products and sustainability practices alike.

Comfort has become a prevalent trend in the fashion industry lately, which means people are taking care to surround themselves with things that make them feel relaxed. Nike exemplifies this phenomenon too since they’re always known for their cozy sneakers—that’s what they target when marketing new releases.

Nike doesn’t try to be stylish like other shoe brands do by adding fabric or other details – instead, it relies on quality craftsmanship by keeping things simple and sticking with leather for its materials. This is Nike’s strategy for delivering high-quality products to customers around the world.


So where does Nike make its shoes? This really depends on what type of product you’re after. The countries with the most Nike factories usually produce footwear, as well as a wide range of clothing and other accessories. You also have those that make less of each category – but mostly apparel. So while there might be some debate about the company’s production process, its goods are still top-of-the-line, which is why its products can be found all over the world.

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